Crystal Harris “loves” Hugh Hefner!

Heidi Montag and Crystal Harris

Because apparently, marrying a famewhoring douchebag for the sake of a shitty reality show that got canceled makes someone an expert on romance, Heidi Montag told Ryan Seacrest that Crystal Harris still loves Hugh Hefner. Yeah, I’m sure that’s why he left him days before the wedding then pawned the ring off. Nothing says “I love you!” like capitalizing off your failed wedding.

“She knows what’s right for her life and it’s her life and you only have one,” Montag told Ryan Seacrest Thursday morning on his radio show. “I know that she loves Hef very much.” But according to Montag, behind the cameras Harris was upset about the breakup. “In between photos, it was really hard. It was kind of hard for me to even get her there and to kind of smile and kind of put her head high,” Montag said. “It was mutual between her and Hef and I think that she just kind of wanted to have a little bit of fun and forget everything that was going on, even if it was just for a few moments.” SOURCE

Once again, this is the woman who got fake-married, then fake-divorced, then made a fake sex tape that made her get back together with her pedo-bearded husband. Bitch has the romantic tendencies of John Wayne Gacy, complete with the hideous clown make-up constantly smeared all over her freakish plastic mug.

Heidi Montag and Crystal Harris

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