Kim Kardashian’s wedding will have product placement!

Kim Kardashian

Because there’s not a single part of life that they can’t wring for every last cent, Kim Kardashian has decided she needs everyone at her wedding to be chauffeured about in Rolls Royces provided thoughtfully by Platinum Motorsport. Come back in a year from now when Kim Kardashian makes history by tattooing the Mercedes-Benz logo on her unborn child so that she can cash in on her delivery.

Sources close to Kim tell us … Kardashian worked out a deal with Platinum Motorsport in L.A. … which will provide enough vehicles to transport Kim’s entire family AND Kris Humphries’ entire family. And get this — Kim is color coordinating the cars to match the rest of the wedding … and has specified that she only wants white vehicles. We’re told Platinum Motorsport has told her it’s not a problem. SOURCE

I know by now, Kim being a big corporate slut shouldn’t be news in any way, shape or form since I’m pretty sure she needs a CEO to cum on her tits every day to keep them pert and perky, but still, it’s a wedding, not a fucking Hollywood premiere. Get hitched in private, have a lovely ceremony, and don’t allow a television crew to capture every last moment of it.

Kim Kardashian

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