Everyone on DWTS hates Kim Kardashian!

Kim and Rob Kardashian

Quick! What does Rob Kardashian do? HA! Trick question. He does absolutely nothing. He’s got a famous last name and that’s the only reason you’re aware he exists. Except he’s on Dancing with the Stars for some reason, probably because they needed to nepotism someone in there to fill the quota. See how that works? Anyway, in a bid to save her brother, Kim Kardashian cheated her fans into voting him onto the show by saying that the phone number to vote for him was actually Justin Bieber‘s cell, thereby keeping him in even though he can’t dance for shit. Guess who didn’t like that? RadarOnline reports:

On Monday she wrote to her 10.7 million followers: “OMG I have @JustinBieber’s phone#!!!! 800 8684302! CALL HIM! He’s taking calls for the next hour!!!” but that number was the line to vote for her brother Rob on DWTS. Her own fans turned on her on Twitter, calling her “lame” and accusing her of “cheating” for her brother, and RadarOnline has exclusively learned that the other contestants don’t approve of her sneaky tactics either.

“It is totally unfair that Kim did that,” an insider told us. “The other celebs on the show don’t send out fake information to trick people into voting.” Rob’s family members have been in the audience supporting him and have waged an on-line campaign for him but the other competitors said this trick went over the line. “Some of the contestants think that Rob should be disqualified for having his family cheat like that for him,” the DWTS insider revealed.

Normally, I’d say that Kim cheated and Rob should be eliminated, but then I remembered that the only people who were tricked were fans of the Kardashians, Justin Bieber and Dancing with the Stars. Namely: morons. Complete fucking morons. Sure, what Kim did was completely unethical, as is pretty much everything she does, but to be fair, if you like all three of the things listed above, you should probably spend less time getting all huffy over this and more time padding the sharp corners of your house.

Kim and Rob Kardashian

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