Usher shouldn’t park in a handicapped spots!


I think we can all agree that people who park in a handicapped spot, despite being completely abled, are total douchebags. I mean yes, super, we get it: you’re important and you’re running late and you’re only stopping by for a quick little visit. Boo hoo, park in a regular spot and walk the extra few feet to the door. Anyway, Usher decided to try this in Atlanta and last night and was set upon by a middle-aged woman who did not take kindly to no famous people parking in them thar handicapped spot. TMZ reports:

Eyewitnesses tell us … Usher had just arrived to the Little 5 Points Halloween Parade (hence the guy in the Elvis costume) when the woman saw U’s SUV parked in a handicap spot. We’re told the woman demanded the singer move his car — but Usher refused and she went ballistic … screaming, flailing her arms, and grabbing Usher’s hoodie. At one point, she screams, “You don’t belong here!” Sources say the woman’s husband eventually dragged her away from the scene — and Usher drove away not long after.

And lesson learned: if a middle-aged lady asks you to move out of a handicapped spot, you probably should because chances are she’s got a full pot of PTA-Mom rage just boiling under the surface ready to explode all over your lazy ass. “Fail to pass my gluten-free cafeteria menu policy, will you? By the power of Mom jeans, I HAVE THE POWER!!! *Lightning Strike*”


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