FitnessBytes: Chill out, bitch!

Oh my God you guys, I’m so sorry I have to assault your eyes with this shirtless pic of “fed-up flight attendant” Steven Slater on the beach. It should be obvious, yet I will still say it — this bitch needs to introduce fitness into his life! “Committing to a regular exercise routine is a great first step in giving Steven Slater a channel to begin working off the stress that has clearly come to a head in his life,” says Belisa Vranich — who is a clinical psychologist and Gold’s Gym Fitness Institute Expert. They’re offering Steven a one year membership to help chill his ass out.

“From running on the treadmill and hitting the weights to moving to the beat of a group exercise class, exercise is a scientifically proven method to combat the daily stress of life,” Vranich adds. “Exercise releases endorphins into your body that will make you feel good and increase your overall sense of well being, while boosting your mood and clearing your head of the everyday burdens that often weigh you down.” Steven may be a folk hero of sorts due to his dramatic exit after a bad day at work, but a more even keeled attendant would have found a way to keep it in check while managing to anonymously tip off security to the offending passenger as a “drug mule.” Calm, rational people get even. I also highly recommend the sex diet, which you can read about on my blog.

Workout to chill out, stay beautiful AND employed! {w}

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