FitnessBytes: You can’t fight genetics!

Taylor Lautner

Taylor Lautner has shrunk back down to boy size. Sad face!

Taylor Lautner

Here’s the lesson: You can fucking kill yourself to get the physical results you want (like a small frame transformed into a larger one), but you’ll always be fighting it. You’re not a movie star like Taylor and you don’t need to bulk up (or slim down) to make money. Be yourself. Accept your body type for what it is and get over it already!

That’s NOT to say we can’t make self-improvements, because duh. Given the choice I think most would probably prefer a 6-pack — and even with his weight loss there is little doubt TLaut lost his lickable tummy. His trainer revealed the moves he uses to whip the Twilight twink into shape:

Five Key Moves to Taylor’s Ripped Abs
(check out the video below for detailed instructions, plus see a rocking 10-minute ab routine on my blog):

  1. Leg raises — 12 reps, 2 sets each
  2. Diagonal isometrics — 3 reps per side, 8 seconds each
  3. Breathing exercise 1 — Inhale for 5 seconds and slowly exhale, 3 reps
  4. Breathing exercise 2 — While taking quick breaths, tighten, inhale, and exhale, 12 reps
  5. Ball crunches — 17 reps

Remember, you can diet and exercise, but you can’t fight genetics. Be the best YOU possible. *W*


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