Jon Stewart is still adorable, even when injured!

Jon Stewart

So on last night’s episode of The Daily Show, host Jon Stewart took a shot at everyone’s favorite Twitter cheating representative, Anthony Weiner, in a sketch. Unforunately, he ended up slicing open his hand on some glass, but to his credit, he powered through it and still managed to be hilarious throughout.

Stewart injured himself when he broke a glass and gashed his hand while filming a bit that had him mockingly reenacting Weiner’s news conference on Monday in which he admitted to sending lewd photos of himself to six women. Eventually, the taping was briefly stopped so Stewart could get medical attention; it resumed once he was bandaged up. The accident was left in Tuesday’s show. SOURCE

Is it weird that, even with a bloody, bleeding hand, Jon is still totally charming and adorable? I mean my GOD, normally blood drives me up the fucking wall and back and I’m the first one running for the band-aids, but you gotta love a man who can play off an injury.

Jon Stewart

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