FOX’s new fall schedule!

FOX Fall 2012 Schedule

Earlier today, NBC announced its fall schedule and everyone freaked out over Community moving in with Whitney (major ugh) on Friday nights, in what is arguably the darkest timeline of them all. Anyway, FOX decided to announce their upcoming fall offerings too, which sees the colossal question mark known as Glee moving to Thursday nights, could this be the show’s kiss of death? From The A/V Club:

8 p.m.: Bones
9 p.m.: The Mob Doctor
9 p.m. midseason: The Following

8 p.m.: Raising Hope
8:30 p.m.: Ben And Kate
9 p.m.: New Girl
9:30 p.m.: The Mindy Project

8 p.m.: The X Factor
8 p.m. midseason: American Idol

8 p.m.: The X Factor
8 p.m. midseason: American Idol
9 p.m.: Glee

8 p.m.: Touch
9 p.m.: Fringe

7 p.m.: Fox Sports Saturday

7 p.m.: Football
7:30 p.m.: The OT
7:30 p.m. midseason: The Cleveland Show
8 p.m.: The Simpsons
8:30 p.m.: Bob’s Burgers
9 p.m.: Family Guy
9:30 p.m.: American Dad

I have no idea whether or not The Mob Doctor will be any good, but that name is just … yeesh. I’m happy to see Bones is still hanging in their, since it’s a decent enough show and David Boreanaz is cute. Also, I bet the folks at Gawker are just pleased as punch that New Girl is still on the air, which means another year of Zooey Wowee! Glee, I’m curious to see how that schedule change plays out. It may not be the best thing on television, but even at its worst it’s still interesting enough to watch. Lastly, I am just ecstatic to see the network is throwing their support behind Bob’s Burgers, which has really come into its own over a short run. Kind of weird to see The Cleveland Show still clinging to life, a show that is really only alive right now due to Seth McFarlane‘s name on the marquee.

FOX Fall 2012 Schedule

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