Frankentits can’t even get on ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Because ABC has a strict “One useless famewhore per season of Dancing With The Stars season” policy (Hi Bristol!), Heidi Montag reportedly couldn’t even get on America’s most depressing reality show that isn’t on A&E.

Heidi Montag was offered a spot on Dancing With The Stars, has exclusively learned, but she was forced to turn it down due to contractual agreements she made when she signed up for The Hills.

[…] “It was before her surgeries and so I’m not sure if she wants to risk it now,” a source close to Montag told exclusively. “She already took an elbow from a dancer on the set of her song, Overdosin’, and she’s scared of getting hurt.” SOURCE

If it’s any consolation to Heidi, I hear that Sarah Palin‘s show on TLC was canceled after everyone realized she was awful, which means now they need another pretty dumbass to babysit the lowest common denominator for an hour between episodes of World’s Fattest Midget and How Many Babies can We Fit In Kate Gosselin‘s Vagina?

Heidi Montag

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