Jen talked to Perez about Brad?!

Jennifer Aniston

So apparently after a run-in with Perez Hilton where she called him out for being mean (instead of for being a colossal hack), Jennifer Aniston apparently spoke with Perez about how she talks to Brad Pitt on occasion and the two are apparently on good terms. Now if all the magazine covers would please stop saying they’re either in love with each other or trying to annihilate each other in nuclear warfare, that would be just peachy keen.

“Jen said, ‘Look, that was so long ago, and we’ve moved on and we’re all adults,'” Perez tells Life & Style. And Perez believes Jen. “I believe what she has to say. I think she really has moved on.” Jen is even in touch with ex Brad Pitt. In his conversation with Jen, Perez tells Life & Style, she reaffirmed, “I still talk to Brad and everything’s fine.” But it seems Jen is more than just fine. In fact, when he asked her about dating, she revealed that people who assume she’s lonely have it wrong. “She told me that she dates a lot,” Perez tells the new issue of Life & Style, on newsstands now. “And just makes sure not to go anywhere public.” SOURCE

So basically the image of Jennifer as the bitter, single shrew isn’t really accurate of her character (but it is about mine!), so really, it would be nice if we could all stop assuming that single women in their forties are all just old maids. However, it’s still entirely fair to assume that single men in their forties are either rich or live in their parent’s basement. But only because it’s funny.

Jennifer Aniston

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