J.Lo Hates being on ‘American Idol’

So despite being on America Idol for all of … what, like a month? Barely half a season? J.Lo has already come out and said that she hates having to be on the show. I mean, mind you it was because she hated having to reject a contestant, but still, what are the chances she cries herself to sleep every night while drinking from a Coke cup?

J.Lo in particular had a difficult time becoming J.No. She seemed in agony the first time she was shown rejecting a contestant. “Oh, my God, I hate this!” she complained. “Why did I sign up for this? I want to go home.” She got up to hug a contestant who was crying upon meeting her. SOURCE

J.Lo? Touching a commoner? Poppycock! What sort of madness is this? Next you’ll be telling me she left the house with anything less than $70,000 on her fingers and she managed to fit her ass on only one single chair. HA! It’s a good thing we don’t live in that crazy world. Could you imagine?!

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