Ke$ha and Wayne Coyne are snorting Tums together

Ke$ha and Wayne Coyne

Remember how awesome The Flaming Lips‘ tenth album Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots was? Hold on to those memories for dear life, because this next story is going to trample over every last bit of cool and credibility that Wayne Coyne has built up over the years. It seems Wayne is working with Ke$ha on her new album, and made the announcement via a photo on Twitter showing lines of a powdery white substance, which I’m absolutely sure is makeup. Yes … makeup.

@WayneCoyne: Yep… recording with Ke$$$$$ha!!!

Of course, in stepped Ke$ha to clarify that she wasn’t actually doing drugs at the time.

@keshasuxx: Those are crushed up TUMS by the way. That wayne is snorting for his diarrhea.

To be honest, I’m really more surprised that Wayne Coyne is doing an album with Ke$ha. WHY ARE THOSE WORDS HAPPENING? Did I bring a Hawaiian tiki statue home with me again? Is that why people keep throwing footballs at my nose?

Ke$ha and Wayne Coyne

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