Kim Kardashian’s wedding registry is insane!

Kim Kardashian

What, you didn’t think Kim Kardashian would be able to make it through her publicity-based wedding without milking everyone for more money, did you? Ha ha! Silly person. Anyway, Kim’s wedding registry has reportedly leaked onto the Internet (I’m guessing by Kim herself) and of course, she’s asking for $6,000 vases and almost $40,000 worth of silverware!

The prices vary — from a $12.50 cloth napkin to a $7,850 crystal vase. The reality star and her NBA beau would also like a $1,650 silver-plated coffeepot and 24 five-piece silverware sets, each costing $1,600. (That’s $38,400 worth of Torchon dinner place settings on one registry.) Although Kardashian, 30, isn’t a big drinker, she and Humphries, 26, have requested 24 Baccarat Vega champagne flutes, each costing $130. They’ve also requested 24 of the Baccarat Vega goblets, which will set one back $125 each. SOURCE

Wait … she isn’t a drinker, but she still asked for 24 champagne flutes and 24 goblets? Really? That’s like saying “I don’t smoke weed, but I need 24 bongs. And they each cost $150. Get cracking, bitches.” Not that they aren’t pretty and couldn’t spruce up a dinner party, I’m just saying there’s really no need to get 24 of them when you won’t even use one.

Kim Kardashian

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