Natalie Portman had a baby boy!

Benjamin Millepied and Natalie Portman

Good news, everyone! Natalie Portman, who I swear to God I feel like she’s been pregnant forever (remember the little rose dress she wore to the Golden Globes? We need to make every pregnant person wear that), finally gave birth to a healthy baby boy! No word on the name yet, but apparently, he inherited his father’s thousand feet and his mother’s haircut from V for Vendetta.

Natalie Portman gave birth to a baby boy, a source confirms to Us Weekly. It’s the first child for the actress, 30, and fiance Benjamin Millepied. Portman and French-born ballet star Millepied, 33, met and fell in love on the set of Black Swan, in which he served as choreographer and co-star. SOURCE

Yeah, honestly, there’s not a whole lot of information on the new baby yet, other than it’s healthy and male and I’m assuming there’s no deformities or anything. That being said, it was conceived around the time of Black Swan, so I wouldn’t rule out the baby’s deep-seeded need for perfection that drives it to hallucinations and multiple personality disorder. “What’s this? The round peg does not go into the square whole? I MUST BE PERFECT! *Falls backwards off the couch onto some cushions* I was … perfect …”

Benjamin Millepied and Natalie Portman

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