Lady Gaga and Anderson Cooper got denied!

Lady Gaga and Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper (sigh …) did an interview with Lady Gaga for 60 Minutes where she talked to him about her past in New York City and even tried to show Cooper her old studio apartment. The only problem: The woman who lived there pretty much had no desire to let either of them into her home with cameras.

Gaga knocked on the door of her former apartment and announced: “Hi, this is Lady Gaga. I was just wondering if I could say, ‘Hi.'” She did not get the response she was expecting though as the resident told her through the door: “I’d rather not have any cameras.” Instead Gaga had to settle for showing Cooper a box of treasured mementos, including the first song she ever wrote aged four, called ‘Dollar Bills’. SOURCE

Wait, what the hell? I mean yes, I understand not letting Lady Gaga into your home (I paid good money for my drapes; I’d rather not see them being worn by Gaga), but Anderson Cooper? How do you say no to Anderson? I mean yes, in my mind this scenario usually involves him not wearing any clothes and carrying a basket of adorable puppies, but … you know what? I’m just gonna quit while I’m ahead here.

Lady Gaga and Anderson Cooper

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