Lindsay Lohan is up for a role in Superman?

Lindsay Lohan

Despite the fact that she can charged at any given moment with felony grand theft, Lindsay Lohan is reportedly in talks with the people in charge of the new Superman reboot to take on a role in the film. Now to be fair here, I’m not really the biggest Superman fan here or anything, but exactly which character will this skinny bitch be playing? His cape?

Sources close to LiLo tell TMZ … Lindsay’s people have had multiple phone conversations within the last few weeks with the people behind the new “Superman” reboot. We’re told Lindsay is up for a role in the flick — and while it isn’t Lois Lane, we hear it would be a “major character.” According to our sources, Lindsay is “dying to show people again how talented she is” and is worried this latest run-in with the law (for which she maintains she’s innocent) could ruin her shot at the movie. SOURCE

Luckily, we’ve already been given a look at the role Lindsay will be playing in the movie …

Superman: Oh no, Kryptonite! My one weakness!
Lindsay: I’ll save you, Superman! (*Crushes up Kryptonite, snorts it*)
Superman: Thank you, random drug-addicted citizen.
Lindsay: I can’t feel my face right now. (*Passes out*)

Lindsay Lohan

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