Lady Gaga was incubating for three days?!

Lady Gaga

Fresh off  her egg hatching at The Grammys, which I still believe was a killer reference to Gir from Invader Zim, Lady Gaga went on Ryan Seacrest‘s show on KIIS-FM to tell everyone that she actually spent 72 hours incubating in the egg. Ummmm, yes, of course you did, because I’m sure that tiny, enclosed space had three days worth of air in it.

“I was in there for about 72 hours. It was a very creative experience,” the singer, who won three Grammy awards, said Tuesday on Ryan Seacrest’s KIIS-FM radio show. “It was time for me to really prepare and think about the meaning of the song and get prepared for the performance. I really wanted to be born on stage,” she added. “The creative vessel was helpful for me to stay focused. We had it backstage so that I was able to really stay in this sort of creative, embryonic incubation.” SOURCE

Not that I don’t believe her, but let’s face it: If you spend three straight days in what is essentially a coffin, you will go absolutely fucking insane, assuming you don’t suffocate first because you can’t breathe in there. Also: We get it, you were the yolk or whatever. Good for you. Between this and the meat dress, you may want to take fashion tips from somewhere other than Trader Joe‘s.

Lady Gaga

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