Lindsay Lohan is back to normal!

Lindsay Lohan

After spending an entire month sucking up to the courts because she forgot that she will never go to jail because HA! Jail is for poor ugly people! It seems Lindsay Lohan is back to being a partying, non-working coke whore because it’s a lot easier to just not do anything and not go to jail for it. Nice to see the universe hitting the reset switch and sending us all back to square one again. TMZ reports:

With her hair and makeup looking on point, Lindsay Lohan didn’t let the fact that she has to turn herself into jail by November 9th to serve her 30 day minute sentence stop her from hitting the J.Edgar after party at the Roosevelt in Hollywood last night. It’s nice to see she finally has her priorities in check.

So let’s see here: LiLo is back to partying while doing no work, Kim Kardashian is back to being single and trolling for new dick, and Beliebers are back to trying to Twitter a girl to death for crossing their Canadian overlord. Nice to see that no matter how much progress we make, the universe will always find someway to return us to the status quo. Which is probably for the best because I get a lot more mileage out of their tried and true terribleness rather than this new, unknown kinds of selfish, childish petulance.

Lindsay Lohan

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