Michael Fassbender does GQ

Michael Fassbender - GQ Magazine

Oh gosh, I love me some Michael Fassbender (just like my friends over at Cele|bitchy), the Irish / German hottie is featured on the June 2012 cover of GQ magazine. There’s something so damn sexy about him, I seriously can’t wait to see him in the upcoming Ridley Scott film Prometheus! Check out Mr. Fassbender below and make sure to head to the magazine’s website for even more hotness!

After two decades of obscurity, all it took was a few choice roles for Michael Fassbender to get noticed—a Nazi infiltrator here, an X-Men villain there, plus one unforgettable turn in Shame that made him a full-frontal phenomenon. Fassbender’s rapid rise to fame will continue this June with the release of Ridley Scott’s new film, Prometheus. He reveals to GQ correspondent Chris Heath his modest yet dedicated approach to his craft: “I was pretty average at most things. I was just looking for something that I could relate to and perhaps excel in myself.” And while his on-screen presence is one worth marveling at, even Fassbender himself recognizes how sexualized his image has become. Thankfully, he does not try to combat his association with his Shame character, and he embraces this persona for a sex-charged GQ photo shoot.

Michael Fassbender - GQ Magazine


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