Oh look, it’s Khloé Kardashian on a scooter!

Norman the Briard

I know that headline was a total cheap shot at Khloé Kardashian but I just couldn’t help myself, it’s actually a Briard (and cuter than Khloé) riding a scooter! That dog looks massive, just like Khloé, in all her wookie famewhore glory. As much fun as it is to knock the Kardashians, I actually enjoy their reality shows, they’re definitely one of my guiltiest pleasures. After something is hammered into your head long enough, it’s bound to grow on you, I can thank E! and producer Ryan Seacrest for this travesty!

Norman the Briard

Norman the Briard has been wowing Americans with his remarkable ability to ride a scooter upright. The twenty month old dog from Canton, Georgia, has been riding his scooter since he was a pup and first perfected his trick in the back garden of owner Karen Cobb’s home early last year. His upright ability has caught the attention of David Letterman and Norman and Karen appeared on the comedian’s Late Show in February. Entertaining the Cobb family who live in Canton, Georgia, Norman is set to become a national star.

Norman the BriardNorman the BriardNorman the BriardNorman the BriardNorman the BriardNorman the Briard


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