Paula Deen got fired from pretty much everything

Paula Deen

Paula Deen

Last week, we found out that celebrity chef Paula Deen not only used the N-word, but engaged in some pretty regular casual racism, which allegedly included calling them “her little monkeys”, believing that slaves were like family in the olden days, wanting to dress them up in tuxedos and have them tap-dance and (as we found out today) paying them in beer and liquor. In light of all this as well as a string of really weird and uncomfortable videos of her trying to apologize, TMZ is reporting that Paula is getting fired from The Food Network after having been with the network for eleven years …

Paula Deen’s PR team botched her n-word apology so badly … the Food Network had no choice but to fire her, sources close to the network tell TMZ. According to our sources, her management’s clumsy damage control — backing out of the Matt Lauer interview and releasing multiple lame mea culpas — was the primary reason the Food Network pulled the plug on the celebrity chef. We’re told the apology videos were the last straw — clinching the Food Network’s decision to drop the ax on her.

Paula is also reportedly being fired from as a spokesperson and author from various other business deals, and to be honest? I can’t say I blame them. I’ll admit, I kinda feel bad for Paula for losing so much in such a short amount of time, but I don’t feel bad as to why she got fired. Being a marketable personality is her job, and when you engage in regular, systematic casual racism, you’re no longer a marketable personality. It’s not like this was incidental. It’s not a matter of her using the N-word. This is systemic, and that’s why she got fired. Also, let’s remember something here: It’s not like she was walking children in nature or fighting cancer. She was teaching you that you can replace a hamburger bun with two Krispy Kreme donuts and call it a meal. So yeah, the racist lady got fired from her job as a catalyst for heart attacks.

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