Perez Hilton has a children’s book now?

Perez Hilton

You guys know Perez Hilton, right? He’s the gossip blogger who’s the most famous despite being the least talented or funny but makes up for it by being bitchy and hypocritical? Well, apparently after last year’s string of LGBT-related suicides, Perez decided that he was going to write a children’s book about how it’s okay to be different! Oh, except for the part where it was wholly inspired by him making a bitchy comment towards Mario Lopez. See? He’s a nicer person now! Via The Advocate:

It was nothing I ever wanted to do. In fact, in the past I’ve made fun of celebrities for writing children’s books. But I was at a book event, talking about my celebrity-related second book, and Mario Lopez was there promoting his children’s book. Teasing him, I flippantly said, “Well, I should write a children’s book too — and it should be about a boy with pink hair!” After that, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. The story formed so quickly in my brain, and I was so in love with it that I felt compelled to make it happen. Then there was the whole rash of gay teenagers committing suicide, so I thought it had a great message to get out there for young people. It’s also a great message and a great read for people of all ages.

Look, in a lot of ways I’m in the same boat as Perez here: We’re both gossip writers and we both tend to bitch people out. The only difference is, I bitch people out based on their ACTIONS (and because I can get some laughs out of it) rather than Perez who bitches people out because he desperately wants to be famous. If I’m ever “mean”, it’s out of frustration rather than spite, mostly because I want the people I call out for being stupid to start acting like reasonable, responsible adults rather than children. But then again, I’m also not about to start claiming I’m some saintly blogger because fact of the matter is, I’ll still crack a Lilo joke if it’ll get someone to laugh. My point is, don’t pretend your some ambassador for the down-trodden if you’re a celebrity blogger.

Perez Hilton

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