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Wendy Williams

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In an overcrowded daytime talk scene, Wendy Williams has been able to stand out from the bunch by simply being herself. Wendy’s not one to fake niceness. Or plug something she doesn’t believe in. You’ll never see the 47-year-old talk show host suck up to a celebrity guest. Or bite her tongue when she thinks she’s being fed a bunch of bullshit. Or pretend to have it all figured out when it comes to being a mom and a wife. No no no, Wendy would never do that. She’s about as real as they come. Honest. Brash. Just the right amount of rough around the edges. And not at all interested in being anyone besides herself.

It’s a stark contrast, especially when you see so many other talk show hosts trying to hone their personalities into relatable, marketable daytime personas. (I’m looking at you, Anderson Cooper, plus basically everyone on The Chew and The Talk).

It’s also a characteristic that’s gotten her far in this business – first, through twenty-three years in radio, where she made a name for herself as the first female shock jock (and only, as far as I can see) unafraid to stir the pot. (Seriously, her 2003 interview with Whitney Houston is legendary!) Now, Wendy’s on the third season of her hit show, The Wendy Williams Show, where she continues to make headlines by her unwillingness to hold back.

I saw this first-hand when I swung by a taping of The Wendy Williams Show yesterday in NYC. There Wendy was, calling Kim Kardashian out on her duh-vorce, smacking some sense into Kelly Rowland after her X-Factor UK temper-tantrum, and giving us the inside scoop Eva Longoria’s ‘charity work’ with L.A. Lakers player Matt Barnes. No topic was off the table. Sure, there were moments that it felt like Wendy was probably being a little too honest – specifically when she asked Basketball Wives slut star Draya Michele, “Do you ever fear that by putting your reputation out there, no reasonable man would ever want to marry you? That all you are would be a trick?” Ouch Wendy. But then again, isn’t that what you were really wondering yourself? That’s what Wendy’s here for – to ask the questions you don’t have the balls (or the platform) to ask.

It’s no wonder the show’s been renewed through 2014 …

Wendy’s willingness to speak her mind and her overarching advice to “say it like you mean it” is exactly why I wanted to sit down and shoot the shit with Wendy after the show. And wouldn’t you know it – Wendy’s launched a new After Show segment on her site and invited me to be her guest!  Boy, did we dish, just watch the video posted below. A lot of the best stuff got edited down for time, but we were able to talk about Kim’s divorce, The Real Housewives of Atlanta, The A-List, her return to radio, and how season three of The Wendy Williams Show is different.

Fun, right?

Wendy Williams

But before you watch the whole interview, here’s a few of the things they edited out for time. Because, like Wendy, I gotta give you the full scoop:

  • Wendy said she watches just about everything on Bravo – but doesn’t like “that Sarah Jessica Parker art show.” Of course, she’s talking about Work of Art: The Search for the Next Great Artist – which is, admittedly, a little slow. It also has the longest title of all-time. Still, I debated how much I liked it with her and then we talked about how much we missed Flipping Out.
  • Wendy talked about how excited she was for Watch What Happens Live this Sunday – but said that Patti Stanger’s recent disastrous appearance has “taught us all about what not to do and say.” “I think she was drinking too much,” Wendy told me.
  • In the big Real Housewives of New Jersey feud happening right now, Wendy’s totally Team Teresa Giudice. She said she thinks Melissa Gorga “has an agenda,” and came down pretty hard on Caroline Manzo for not practicing what she preaches.
  • As for the upcoming season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Wendy is pretty sure all the girls are going to gang up on Nene Leakes – and rightfully so. Apparently someone is getting a little too full of herself in a post Celebrity Apprentice world.
  • Wendy loves her fans – but she’s not interested in taking pictures or signing autographs. You’re welcome to approach her on the street or at the mall and chat her up. But no keepsakes. “”I’d rather talk to someone – in the end, I find that’s more meaningful.”
  • Wendy called me cute. I swear. It was right after we said goodbye. I have no idea why they cut it out, but I overheard it and it made me completely blush.

If that’s what they edited out – you can only imagine the type of stuff we discussed. Overall, it was a completely fun experience with an absolutely awesome lady. The kind of conversation that really reminds me just why Wendy is so damn successful!

Take a look for yourself below. And be sure to tune into The Wendy Williams show weekdays. Check your local listings for times!

Wendy Williams

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