Reggie Bush is dating a Kim Kardashian impersonator

Melissa Molinaro and Reggie Bush

It’s a slow news day. Anyway, in the lamest attempt to one up his ex, Reggie Bush is now dating a model who once played Kim Kardashian in an Old Navy ad campaign. Which is honestly barely one step above building an effigy of your old girlfriend out of chewing gum and Fleshjacks.

We had to do a DOUBLE TAKE when heard this . . . Reggie Bush is dating a KIM KARDASHIAN IMPERSONATOR!!! Yes, you read that right. As the photos show, Reggie threw a BIRTHDAY PARTY for his new girlfriend, a D-list actress named Melissa Molinaro. And Melissa’s biggest claim to fame . . . she played KIM KARDASHIAN in an Old Navy commercial. Reggie . . . you want Kim back SO MUCH that you’ve started dating IMPERSONATORS . . . FAIL!!! SOURCE

Seriously, why the hell would Reggie Bush date a Kim IMPERSONATOR when he can get back to the real thing? Here’s how you convince Kim Kardashian to sleep with you again: Go up to her and say “Hello, I’m a rich black professional athlete.” That’s it. You don’t even need to BE a rich black professional athlete. You can look like Andy Dick and as long as you say those magic words, she probably let you pee on her.

Melissa Molinaro and Reggie Bush

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