Sharon Osbourne reminds Justin Bieber he’s white

Sharon Osbourne

Sharon Osbourne

Despite the fact that Justin Bieber has been putting targets all over himself over the past year with his behavior and lack of sympathetic qualities, very few celebrities ever seem to call him out on it, probably because (A) he makes a lot of money, and (B) Justin’s fans are certifiably insane and can (and will) rationalize criminal behavior for the sake of their fantasy crush. But leave it to Sharon Osbourne and read Justin from cover to cover. Seriously, she studied him, wrote a thesis on him and submitted it for peer review. Gossip Cop reports …

“I feel really bad for him. There’s this little kid with a huge dream, he’s cute, girls love him, and he wants to be a mean boy, and he’s about as mean as a f**kin’ kitten, and he’s trying to act out,” says Osbourne. “It’s like pissing in a bucket. It’s like, ‘Oh, we’re the bad boys!’ F**k off! You don’t know what bad is.” She continues, “And I think that he’s lost, I really do. I think he doesn’t realize he’s white and not black, that’s a huge problem. And, at the point he’s at in his career, it’s so dangerous because we’ve seen it all before a million times. Where do you go when you’re a child entertainer and then you want to transition to be a man? Very few make it.”

For the record, Sharon has been by Ozzy Osbourne‘s side for years and has no problem kicking a trollop’s ass if she needs to, which makes her perfect for destroying a-hole celebrities for diva antics. It should be required for every child star to spend a week with Sharon so she can crush their egos with her bare hands. “What’s that? You spit on people? That’s adorable. My husband bit the head off a dove in the middle of a meeting for no reason whatsoever. You’re a footnote in history’s appendix.”

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