The trailer for ‘Taken 2’ (which you’ll see)

Taken 2

True story: This is how I ended up going to see the first Taken:

(INT: The Banque Scotia Theatre in Montreal.)

Me: So, what do you want to see?
Lyndsey: I don’t know … what about 27 Dresses?
Me: Nah, that looks like shit. What about Cloverfield?
Lyndsey: Nah, shaky found footage movies make me nauseous. Ooooo, you know what looks good?
Me: What?
Lyndsey: That Hannah Montana / Miley Cyrus movie.
Me: …
Lyndsey: Nah, I’m just fuckin’ with ya.
Me: Oh thank gosh … you know what? Let’s just go with Taken.
Lyndsey: Meh, it looks okay I guess.
Me: Two tickets for Taken, please.

I can’t wait to inevitably settle for Taken 2 (October 5th) though! (Seriously, the first one was actually pretty badass. Go see it.)

Taken 2

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