Tom Cruise and Xenu use slave labor. WHAT?!

Tom Cruise

So while the world is freaking their shit out over Lindsay’s great necklace caper, The Church of Scientology has been under investigation for, and I shit you not, human trafficking for the purpose of slavery. Case in point: Katie Holmes may have been brain washed – oh, sorry, I meant “Purified” in a custom bus that Tom Cruise made a bunch of slaves build for him because HOLY SHIT SERIOUSLY?!

Tom Cruise demanded his custom-built bus — made for him using Scientology “slave labor” — be fitted with a drawer for his slippers because the neat-freak Hollywood superstar didn’t want anyone walking on the carpet, according to a former high-ranking church staffer. What’s more, Cruise used the luxury vehicle as a base for lover Katie Holmes to begin her ‘Purification Rundown Program’, a controversial detoxification and introductory program developed by Scientology’s founder L. Ron Hubbard, it’s been claimed. SOURCE

Holy mother of freaking God, SLAVES? You people own SLAVES? Jesus … actually, fun story here: A friend of mine was offered a free e-meter by the Scientology place (is it a church? no, that would entail that they’re a legitimate belief system) here in Toronto and spent the entire time adjusting his heartbeat just to prove that the entire thing was bullshit. It was pretty fucking hysterical too. You can believe whatever you want to believe in, but as a general rule, try to avoid anything dealing with aliens that forces you to pay money for more good juju or uses fucking slaves.

Tom Cruise

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