Crystal Harris left Hugh Hefner over second thoughts?

Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris

Now that the dust has more or less settled and everyone has come down from the initial shock of another blonde gold-digging whore refusing to marry an old guy because he didn’t have enough money, Crystal Harris is now telling anybody who will listen that she actually just had second thoughts about marrying Hugh Hefner (money), that it was a mutual agreement (money) and that she wants some peace (money).

“For a while, I’d been having second thoughts about everything, so I haven’t really been at peace with myself lately,” Harris, 25, told Ryan Seacrest Wednesday morning on his KIIS-FM radio show. “It was all just happening too fast for me. I just sat back and thought about it all,” she continued. “Is this what I wanted? And it wasn’t.”

“There was no fight,” explains July’s Playboy cover girl, prematurely identified as “Mrs. Crystal Hefner.” “He understood, and we both agreed that it wasn’t the best idea to get married. He was doing it for me because he thought it was what I wanted.” Harris, who says she “wanted to be true to myself,” admits, “This isn’t the lifestyle for me.” SOURCE

Oh, poor Hef … where else is he going to find a blonde woman in Los Angeles with huge fake tits and no real career aspirations who would gladly marry his ancient ass in exchange for all his money? *Swings a dead cat* Yup, there’s ten of ’em right there. Congratulations, Hef! Time to get bled dry by more whores!

Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris

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