Dr. Conrad Murray is guilty!

Dr. Conrad Murray

Over two years after Michael Jackson‘s untimely death, the jury in Conrad Murray‘s manslaughter case for whether or not he was responsible in the death of Jackson have found him … GUILTY! Via TMZ:

Jurors came back with the verdict moments ago after a grueling 6-week trial, finding prosecutors proved beyond a reasonable doubt … Dr. Murray is responsible for MJ’s death. Murray faces up to 4 years behind bars, but the reality is … he will not go to state prison because of a new law, and will likely serve his time in L.A. County Jail.

The funny thing is, as soon as the verdict was reached, you could actually hear a tiny, high-pitched “WOOP!” in the background that I just know was Michael’s sister LaToya Jackson (okay, I don’t actually know this, but it totally sounded like her!) It’s funny to think of LaToya as the little-voiced, high-pitched angel of revenge who has been waiting to strike him down for years now. “I am the vengeful hand of the Lord, and now you must die! *Throws him into the maw* Teeheeheeheehee!”

Dr. Conrad Murray

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