There was a streaker at the MTV EMAs!

Hayden Panettiere and David Monahan

Proving once and for all that Europe just does it better with award shows, the MTV Europe Music Awards were taken by surprise over the weekend when a streaker (actor David Monahan) ran out onstage while Hayden Panettiere was presenting, and everyone was just sorta like “Oh, hey, that guy is naked and onstage on live television. That’s cool. Stick a microphone in his face.” Huffington Post reports:

As Panettiere was addressing the crowd, a naked man (later identified as Irish actor David Monahan) burst out from backstage, leaping and skipping and showing a jolly disregard for the fact that his bits and pieces were being broadcast to the world. When he reached the former “Heroes” star, he covered up and began a bizarre conversation. Panettiere was all too willing to give him the microphone — he professed his love for her canceled sci-fi show — and she even asked him to join her for a pint after the show. Most people think it was a scripted moment, because, well, they seemed to be awkwardly exchanging planned lines and no one came to drag the man out.

Meh, staged or not? I approve of this. I mean, how long has it been since we’ve seen a penis on live television? You know, without having to punch in our credit card numbers and clarify that yes, we are eighteen or over. Plus he’s cute! It’s not like the guy who came out was some sort of 300-pound wildebeest with three anuses or something, he’s kinda hot! Now if only MTV could do this with all their sham award shows, I might actually start giving a crap.

Hayden Panettiere and David Monahan

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