Heidi Klum & Seal: Still wearing their wedding rings?

Heidi Klum and Seal

Oh thank gosh, celebrity Halloween might be saved! Despite announcing their divorce a week ago, Heidi Klum and Seal have been wearing their wedding rings everywhere they go, leading some to speculate that they might be getting back together. And by some, I mean “me” because I need them to dress up in wacky Halloween costumes every year otherwise it’s just a bunch of stupid famewhores dressed like animal prostitutes. TMZ reports:

Seal isn’t the only one clinging to symbols of his crumbling marriage — Heidi Klum was also still wearing her wedding ring yesterday in L.A … but with a twist. The pic was snapped as Heidi was leaving the set of Germany’s Next Top Model (yes, it’s shot in L.A.) — and she was still sporting either her wedding band … or her engagement ring. If it was the engagement ring though, Heidi was hiding the giant diamond.

Okay yes, I might be reaching, but isn’t the point of every movie ever that love conquers all? And more importantly, if they split up, who’s going to dress up as Galactus and Silver Surfer with a giant black penis? Why are you trying to ruin Halloween with your divorce, Heidi and Seal? It’s the one day of the week where I get candy for my whorishness, instead of cab fare!

Heidi Klum and Seal

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