Justin Bieber’s Twitter meltdown

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

In the past few weeks, Justin Bieber tried to get revenge on Selena Gomez by dressing like a hipster/sexual predator, allegedly tried to sneak a 14-year-old into a club for his birthday party, and showed up two hours late to his own show. So naturally, Justin went on a Twitter rant about how it’s everyone else’s fault but his own.

rumors rumors and more rumors. nothing more nothing less. might talk about them 1 day. rt now im just gonna be positive. cant bring me down im focused on the good things in life. im blessed and not forgetting it. im giving back every day for it. cant phase me fake stories to sell papers i guess are part of the job. but im a good person. i know that. u cant tell me different. we know the truth as long as my family, friends, and fans r with me u can say whatever. we are all equal in God’s eyes & we have a responsibility to eachother so make up stories about fake fines and make no mention of the positive…. or say when i came out of my show with my shirt off because after performing for 2 hours i might be sweaty i was going into a club (really?) or any girl i stand next to is my girl or that i dont care, or that i dont feel, or that a 19 year old going to a club in europe is wild… i understand it is part of the job to be judged…but judge me on the facts, judge me on the music, and be careful of the judgement u pass but know this…im only judged by one power, and i serve him

You know, it’s been a while since we pulled out the PopBytes’ Patented Bullsh!t to Actual Human Speech Translator, but this is just too much to pass up. Let me just calibrate this to “douchey child star using social media to dodge any culpability for his own actions,” aaaaaaand …

“Well what did you guys expect? I was basically pimped out as a teenager so that my mother could live vicariously through me, and I spent my formative years never learning right from wrong, and as such I’m now stuck in a state of arrested development where I can act like an arrogant, entitled little sh!t and someone else will throw money at the problem until it goes away. That being said, you should all focus on my job instead of my actions as a human being, because that’s not completely dubious stance to take at all. Yay moral relativity!”

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